February 6, 2009


Friends are the most important people we come across in our long journey of life... Without friends we are nothing...!!! Just look at these photos.... Even the cat and the dog is friends..!!! Just think of it... By looking this, we can say that friends don't need to be a man to man relationship... It can be a man to animal relationship too... Cat and dog come under different species.. If they can be good friends, why cant we?? Think over it twice or thrice... In our case, man to man relationship is also not going in a good manner.. Within the same species, there are diversity in all kind, especially the diversity in mind!!! Anyway think that animals are also our friends... Don't hurt them.... Don't hurt any of your friends... This may cause serious problems!!! Just be friends to everyone...!!! Don't miss your friends... Just hold them tightly...!!!
Enjoy your life...!!!

Now, Some SMS about friendship...

1.The relation between "one heart and another heart" is called Luv...!!
The relation between "one heart and another heartbeat" is called Friendship..!!!

2.Don't make friends...
If made, don't go close to them...
If gone, don't like them...
If liked, don't trust them...
If trusted, don't ever leave them...!!!

3.Friendship is like needle in the clock...
Though we are in same clock, we are not able to meet...
Even if we meet, its only for few seconds....
But we always stay connected..!!!

4.Fish said to water: U cannot see my tears bcoz I am in water...
Water replied: But i can feel ur tears bcoz u r in me..!!
Thatz Friendship...!!!

5.Art of Friendship is like playing a musical instrument...
First u must learn to play by rules and then...
U must 4get the rules and play from ur heart..!!!

October 2, 2008


This is KOVALAM which is one of the coolest and loveliest places in the whole world. It is located in the southern coast of India. Its exact location is in Trivandrum which is the state capital of the "God's own Country", Kerala. The whole of Kerala is known for its lush green terrain. Kovalam is also blessed with beautiful greenery. The beach is excellent for its beauty.  Many tourists across the world come here to feel the beauty of Kovalam. Its a very good place. Come to Kovalam, Enjoyyyy its beauty...!!!!

August 13, 2008

sms about LoVe which touched my heart..!!!

Its only Love that makes you forgive someone who breaks your heart,
but its true Love when you still Love that person with every piece of your broken heart....

Loving what u get is compromise...
Getting what u Love is success...
Loving even after knowing that u won't get,
it is pure Love..!!!

Loosing the person u Love hurts,
but some people say u will get over it easily,
but its really tough especially when the one you Loved was the only one u ever Loved...!!

A boy Loved a girl and proposed her.
But she said no.
He was not sad by hearing that.
His friends asked why he had no feelings at that situation.
U know what he replied?
He said..
" Why should i be sad?
She should be sad because,
i lost a girl who never Loved me..
but she lost a guy who kept her as a queen of his hearts..."
Thatz life..
Live it...

August 10, 2008

First Blog

This is my first blog and i am gonna make all of you ROCK on this Sharon'z World..!!!